October 25, 2009

Got Something

Home from VA:)Had my Aunt Cecelia's,we call her 'Mommy', most banginest pound cake ever made on THE face of THIS not-so-green-earth:)Of course I got my 60-kabillion pieces to take home*For me, Whippin' a Tahoe is not that serious.When folk asked who drove down there (fromPA to VA) and dey heard i drove that "big 'ol truck", dey was shocked....maybe b/c im not that big, i dunno.The way i look at it is, if it got a steering wheel, den I can and most likely will whip anything* Driving on 95, which was almost not-heaven for me, and just being in VA, i saw so many young blk professionals doin' they thing,making a life for themselves, and it made me think about how hard i have to keep working to get what i want and get to the next level without slacking off or taking a 'shortcut'. Everything I've seen since coming back from New Orleans and Virginia made me want to keep doing right, keep that positive energy, and only try to keep positive people around me(that one's another story) and be happy&thankful for what I have at this moment in time.....

Please note that I have tons upon tons of pix but this uploader thingy isnt working correctly....

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