November 24, 2009

Did It

Finally finished one of my papers;)Now I study for my Anthropology quiz tonite and Biology exam 2mrw morning;( Like i said, I STAY in the library..I live here and im quite sure everyone knows that by now&I ALWAYS get the bomb parking spots;)No parking in the boonies for Curty.NOPE.
&for everyone's information, i dont cuss as much as people think. Its only when Im driving in the left lane behind an Audi or BMW (or some other souped up vehicle) goin' 50mph on frickin' 22."WHIP YO ......"Dnt make a lick a sense.
&I am also not a player, nor do I try to be. Im just smart about certain situations and certain people*

ECOUTE: ********"Matter of Time" Mike Posner*******


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