January 21, 2010

Rockin' it

Here at school in the library.Semester just started up again and I reallly dont have any morning morning classes=no 8 o'clocks;) but i still get here early just to park b/c its cold and i dont like looking for parking in the boonies and almost having to run down a spot only for another car smaller than mine to whip in and steal it, therefore making me curse them out in the safety of the closed windows of my vehicle;) So far, this semester is looking like its going to be long. These classes are boring out the arse but i gotta do it so i can get outta here sooner* No one is on the verge of being shanked yet. So far i been nice to folk and they been nice to me. Some others, not so much, but thats their problem and they can stay miserable for all i care.
Studied hard last night....speaking of last nite.....
I hate when you're done talking to someone on the phone and you think they hang up but they dont, so they end up hearing your entire conversation thereafter with your friend about shanking folk, being confused and simple, cakes and eating them too, taking a hit out on someone, you know the usual stuff like that*sure its funny (or not) after you realized what just happened but what if the nonhangerupper is basically offended or not happy that you're taking about them behind their back.......MAN-UP.You're lucky your name is even mentioned holmes!!!! lol. i kill myself. But this nonhangerupper was koo with it the situation and actually found the advice to be very intelligent and downright brilliant(even though he was technically spying).it was funny though. & like i said, this knowledge i share with folk is universal.it can go both ways and i can talk to anyone and suggest sugar but its ultimately up to you and what moves you're going to make;)

on another note.Folk is finding the library and its getting crowded(that looks weird)and even though im at my own table, folk still try and find a way to see what im doing.Help me.Mind your business and go be productive;)

Lovin' C

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