March 19, 2010

Damn Dominicans...

I took my braids out and went to save my hair at this salon in east stroudsburg......Now i walk in thinkin' this is a black owned business, until the owner started talking and had THE most spanish accent you could think of, straight Dominican.It was funny to me because I automatically thought about what Torry Hunter (MLB) said about spanish players in baseball and how they dont represent the African-American population. The color of their skin may say differently, but when you hear them talk, its a totally different story. I must admit, whenever I do watch baseball and i see a "recruit", he ends up being Dominican and there's nothing wrong with that. Fact of the matter is, they can literally fool anyone. Another fact is, they can only do other Dominicans hair and not African-Americans so im gonna stick to my cousin from CT or go back to Asbury Park in Jersey to get my hair did b/c these folk totally ripped me off and it hurts my heart. I also seriously think that was the worst hair salon experience ive had; almost every girl that worked in the place got to put their hands in my head.....not kosher beans.
Okay im done venting.Computer Science hw bout to take forever and a day to accomplish;)

Lovin' C*
&not my ridonculus room


MeLoVe said...

Lol ahahaha this is hilarious. Are you talking about Diva's?!

*Never again*

CURTY* said...

yea man.Diva's.I aint wanna put them put there like that but since u said they seriously do suck biity crack soooo hard.

thatxcalixkidx09x said...

lol im part dominican lol an they dont except me into the culture. they keep it tight like that. lol