March 11, 2010

That Light Skinned kat from Canada.....

I remember when i first heard a Drake song(LYING). Well i do remember when i first seen Trey Songz sidekick. Before anyone even knew who this kat was i was bumpin' his sugar in my car just because i could.But now he's all "young money" this and that and im not feelin' it but i apparently still like his music. Just because everyone else is just now gettin up on folk dont mean he's all of a sudden wack.NOOOOOOO.he's just exhibiting wack tendencies, that's all;) People say this kat is too predicatble when he raps, then what is Lil Wayne and Kanye West, and every other rapper out????Me na know* I bet Drake happy as hell Lil Wayne goin' to the slammer, he about to take over the world.
Lite skinned still not in.LOL.

Lovin' C*

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