March 10, 2010

White Wrap?????

So i was flipping through the newest issue of seventeen magazine and there is a section with ideas as to what and how a young lady can do her makeup and hair differently every day of the week. SOOOOOOOOO...why am I writing about this????? Because the young lady they were demonstrating on was clearly mixed but got 'good hair' that was obviously real and pretty long(past her shoulders). They had her wrap her hair.......FOR WHAT?????she dont need it!!!!!!when your hair is long and already straight, you do not need to wrap anything.i was trying to get a picture but i couldnt find one. This boggles my mind.White folk tryna take our sugar.even wrapping their hair.if i see a white person w/it ill probably rip it out of their head;)blk folk tryna get hair like ya'll....thats why we wrap our hair.Why are you doing it????You already have it...... it makes no not racist or anything, im just tellin it how i see it&how how ridiculous i think it is.

Lovin' C*

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