May 26, 2010

Its Funny

Its funny how during school when im not supposed to be blogging, i blogged almost twice-a-day, but now that im free from school for a little while im hardly on the computer.NOTE: i start summer classes on June 7;( Since the ending of this semester, Ive been working and working and sleeping and trying to stay alive between me going into shock from seeing too many bikes and hyberventilating in this heat. Its been fun but not as fun as its gonna be once the summer really starts goin;) Caribana in Toronto, Phi Beta Sigma Crabfest in Jersey, making more money due to this second job i just picked up.....So yeah, its looking alright and I am happy i have this opportunity to do what I can whenever I can. OHHHH yeaaahhh how can i forget my 21st birthday in JUNE. THE most important day of THE year;) Good Grief.
Life is alright.
Luvin' C*
&Joy Alexander

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Anonymous said...

yeah it is lol keep doing ya thang