June 10, 2010


VH1 has been putting out a whole lot of shows and unfortunetly, I've been watching......psychology i guess.
You're Cut Off!
These broads are like the kids from mtv's "sweet sixteen" just on a larger scale. Sure its okay for a 16 year old to act dumb, and not know anything about life-they're 16. But these broads are ridiculous. How do you have a child and basically not know anything about being a mother??? they think they deserve everything they have. NO. no one deserves so much "materials" without actually working for it. I mean lifting a finger and actually doing work.......AND how do you do absolutely nothing in life and talk sooooo slowwwwww?????makes no sense, at all.
Next show VH1 has to offer....."Dad Camp"...... i watched this and thought about another mtv show....yep you guessed it "16&pregnant". these guys are basically the same guys from mtv's series only a couple years older. My conclusion about this one: Men are boys in a grown-ups body, they're still not THAT bright....
And of course the OCD project......
all in all, im watching all 3 of these so i can see how screwed up people's priorities are. I on the other hand, am very thankful for everything I have and the opportunities I am presented with. I know what worth is;)
Luvin' C*
&the fact that the Philadelphia Flyers are not NHL champions;)

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