July 20, 2010


Me about to go to Philly to renew my passport;) Waiting on my popz as usual so we snapz pix. What's the passport for u ask??? TORONTO CARIBANA. I will be in another country come July 29th. And I'm pumped. Cannot wait to get outta PA for at least 4 days. Its gonna be fun. Got my girls and West Indian people=tons of food (hope I can control myself).......But i'll be in Jersey on Saturday for Phi Beta Sigma's 2010 Crabfest at NJIT. Sure to be a "good time" and Applebee's will be on and poppin' for a second year in a row if blk folk dont know howw to share. Oh yea, ITS GONNA BE 100 DEGREES on saturday too...
Pray for me.
Luvin' C*

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