July 1, 2010

Im Here

I have been missing in action as of lately. I been doing a lot of school work on top of my job and trying get back into running.....I feel gloppy sometimes and don t feel like doing anything but reading my books. Yea I know, I suck major you know what (i hope).
21...doesnt feel any different than when I was 20 or 19. so what's the big whoop???Me nah know.Oh wait maybe b/c my parents are crazy and that is one of the reasons I am leaving Pennsylvania to go to school in Jersey. Its only right. Of course i love the parentals but some things are ridiculous and i want out right about now.
Time to be a ONE and not a "Two"...if you catch my drift.
Luvin' C*
& my imagination is full of bikes that I dnt have:(

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