August 30, 2010

I'm here

So I am officially moved in to the Graden State. Back where i belong. This past weekend was very eventful...moved myself to jersey and my favorite cousin had a little get together w/some bangin' food. Then on Sunday I helped move my reflection into her 'single' up at ESU. Saw my 'girls', had too many chicken nuggets, and put more mileage on my vehicle. Now I'm here, by my lonesome, in this nice condo with a beautiful hi-def tv, juicy grapes, a/c, and arizona iced tea waiting for the yankees game to start all the while im supposed to be looking for a J-O-B but im not because I had an interview today and thought it went rather well:)
Its blazin' hot and I'm beyond broke so I cant even hop,skip, or jump to the beach right now;(
PLUS i am getting sick. WHY????
Luvin' C*
&New Jersey

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