November 10, 2010

Damn Damn Damn

I am going throughs ome serious shopping withdrawal;(
It may be crippling. lol.
All my money goes to gas and food, the bare essentials in life for me. I haven't bought anything for myself since the start of the semester (last week of August) and now I'm feeling the pressure. I have way too many summer clothes and not enough winter pieces a nd sine it's getting colder, I am pretty sure I have exhausted all of my winter options I have in my closet;(
Well, I cannot wait for Christmas because my parents are either giving me money or just flat out taking me shopping. That's what our Christmas's have come down
Hopefully I'll be blessed with enough de niro to get some legit pieces.
OHHHHHH and I have a Black&White affair to attend this weekend with nothing to wear....
I am about to go to the mall, buy something really cute then return it;)
Master Plan Bee*
Luvin' C*
& "Cooley High"

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