December 28, 2010

Retail Therapy

Today I did some retail therapy w/my reflection at H&M. i could have absolutely bought more but my i wouldn't let myself because i need to save at least some of it seeing as how i haven't been making any money since the semester ended. Now i really can't wait for spring '11 so i can start getting a paycheck again.
Cane! and i haven't even bought each other anything for christmas but we're both broke so we get a pass. But i'll get her something to do with the Miami Hurricanes of course....
Now i'm in bed writing on this here blog.
RANDOM: My room is a hotttt messssss. but anyways..
and I have no idea what i am doing but i know my comrades in jersey will come up with something for us to do and i'll be ready,ready,ready esp since it's not going to be snowing---no where-anywhere on the radar so this is going to be good. we'll just see how my money situation is looking and if one of my trustly guy friends will spot
feel so good. I started my resolutions junk food/eat smaller portions,
drink strictly water,
and keep running (since i'm already working on my core and arms...),
i plan on reading books i wouldn't normally read,
going to nyc alot(esp. when it gets warmer),
making big splashes at Kean,
try not to spend too much money,
get a 4.00 GPA (i got a 3.62 this semester),
and some others i absolutely will not mention because it is absolutely none of your business:)
Alright ppl enjoy your night.
Luvin' C*
&the fact the Cane! told me to tell you guys that she is getting used to her "new eyes"

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