January 23, 2011

coming to an end

HOOPTIE!!!!! i am coming to save you!!!!!

holes in gloves dont work out so well.

about to battle the cold and get hooptie outta the calamity of snow:(

can u tell diane prosper is a tad on the bored side???
this snow thing has me sooooo down and out and ghost. i just dont wanna be around people and i wanna sleep all day. i think i probably have seasonal depression b/c this winter is ridiculous. and me being the summer child i am, cannot handle it. now that its snowing just about every week, i am convinced the world is coming to an end in 2012. i always thought i wouldnt believe it, but this weather is too odd for me. last winter it was 20 inches in one shot....not this year, totally different story.
since the world is coming to an end, what have you done that you could be proud of? have you lived life like evryday's your last or just let it pass you by????
i'm glad to say, i've done alot but not as nearly as much as i would like to do. i know i am the only person holding myself back and every year i say "i'm gonna do me" and end up hating myself for not doing half of what I wanted to do......i dnt know how to solve this equation.....
my latest venture has me looking at graduate schools in california and florida, oh and louisiana-warmer climates-and to get a taste of life elsewhere other than my beloved "beast coast". looking for new people, new food, and motorcycles of course!!!!
snap, this semester is in full swing and i'm already stressing b/c i dont have the books i need for two of my most important classes :( and i already have way too much work after the first damn week. but it'll get done b/c i am me. i am also the secretary of the west indian culture club at Kean PLUS i'm still tryna get my 20 hrs a week in the gameroom. BUT luckily friday's, i will be completely off from work AND school---3 day weekend. i'm souped.
Luvin' C*
&not this psychology of learning professor.got us writing in pencil and ordering us when to write and when not to write in class....
deuces mcdeuces.


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