February 12, 2011

Aint I

i swear to you folks, the title of my posts sometimes have no significance whatsoever...
once again, i know i been missing in action due to school and work and lack of sleep but once again, im maintaining.
Congratz to the Green Bay Packers on their SuperBowl win......
i've come to realize how much of a sore loser i may actually be lol at Kean, we had "Campus Fued" this past week. and yup, you guessed it, it was just like the show Family Fued but probably a whole lot funner-music and alllllll. my team, suspiciously had all the black people on it lol now i'm not saying that's the reason we lost but.....you know what imma have to take that back b/c the 'survey' was stupid!!!! yep that's my story and i'm sticking to it...i'm also sticking to following my gut and not listening to my teammates when need be:)
I'm currently on the couch on the first floor, FINALLY watching television...you see, my cousin and i were living in a 3-floor condo with only two televisions (w/one box),which weren't in the bedrooms, so i'd be locked away in my room half the time w/no means of entertainment BUTTTT since SuperBowl weekend came around and he was throwing a party, he FINALLY made it to buying a box for the second tv which made my heart sing:)
Now we each have our own little quarter to do our work in-he stays on the second floor and i post on the frigid first. may have to buy a space heater lol feel like i'm in a basement......
I was doing my homework but then decided to take a break and do some research for my paper but i'm writing on my blog instead....
welp, tonight will hopefully be "tough". one of my partners in crime, Melissa, is in Jersey from the frigid and ridiculous mountains of East Strousdburg, PA and we're supposed to chill tonight. and tomorrow I WILL, i repeat, I WILL be making my way to church with my dear friend Marva.
SOOOO all in all, this weekend is going great.
and i'm goooooood.
Luvin' C*
&the information i relayed to THE HURRICANE about a nifty little agency out of Washington D.C.

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