March 7, 2011


So the spring season is def around the corner. you wanna know how i know this: my left eye feels like its bleeding!!
No joke. i just walked into the library and my eye started acting up. and i hate when my left eye does that. oh well.
this weekend i went to the boonies of PA to chill with mi familia, specifically mi hermana. she needs me because she's bored with nothing to do so i figured i'd keep her company and what did we dooooo.
Went spent money and watched movies. yep. that sounds about right.
Being bored is only cool when you have someone else to be bored with and i love being bored with her. i finally took some pix of my watches that were home and have no batteries, thats why i dont use them.....but i'm not done so im not gonna display them just yet.
I hate almost everyone that is going away to a beach or something of that nature. please understand i despise you and as i would say back in my middle school days, i hope you fall off a cliff!!! lol
my spring break will consist of me workinh in the UC and hopefully working on my research papers as well as conducting my very own experiment :) yous cant beat that.
ANTIWHO, i'm supposed to be studying for my 'stupid learning experience' at 2pm. damn i hate that class. lol
Luvin' C*
&not my crazy eye and string bean arms....

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