April 9, 2011


I have come to realize that every Friday, I totally disconnect from the world. After work, i usually power down (as my Communications prof would say) all my electronics and talk to nobody except those who actually call me (which is not that many). i go to the gym (and i never take my phone w/ me when i workout), go home, shower, watch tv for exactly 15.2 seconds and sleep the rest of the day away. i literally go into hibernation mode and won't be seen until the next afternoon. my cousin knows my routine all too well. The week is so hectic so when i actually have time to myself, i take it ALLLLLL to myself. saturday i feel rejuventated and ready to either go to PA, do homework, or be a couch potato. as of right now, i'm doing homework (well not really b/c im blogging&on FB&twitter&tumblr...) in PA....
OHHHH YES. My toothache is gone
I'll take a root canal for $1000 Alex. you must be crazy to think im gonna pull out one of my teeth (esp in the front) NOOOO i had jaw surgery two years ago, and got my braces off a year ago, i'll do perfectly fine if one of my teeth does not have a nerve in it.
trust and believe.
Friends spring is about to be showing its face and broads are about to be showing dey ass. there is a classy way to do it (you know, exemplify your ass) and a not so classy way, but with some of the broads that walk around Kean University, i'm pretty damn sure its gonna be on the not so classy side. Me, i feel like KU aint ready for my legs lol
heck, i cant even show my ankles at work so no one's gonna be seeing my leggaroos antiway.....
well. imma try and get back to work and get everything done.
Luvin' C*
&my reflection got a job guys. YES.

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