May 22, 2011

The Day After Yesterday

While everyone was wondering about what will happen when God comes knocking on our doors, i was reading all night. 6 pm came and went and it was basically another nite in the Curty household: Parentals and reflection at work and  little big brother at the basketball court while i lounged at Burger King and in my cozy bed with a couple of lights on because in as big as my house is, i do get scared when darkness falls.
i am debating whether or not to go wall climbing with my mom. i actually dont want to go alone with her because she is scary. lol. i am allowed to say that because she is my mom.
i wanted it to be a family affair but reflection and pop are making money and my little big brother would probably be complaining the entire time. maybe i should persuade her to take me shopping instead......
but for now, she's cooking and i am blogging while watching one of my favorite movies of all time: GoodFellas.
Oh Sunday, a lovely day to relax.
Luvin' C*
&i hope everyone out of school is enjoying their summer break because i am gonna try to start enjoying mine.

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