May 11, 2011

What I'm About To Do

See what had happened was.....
I was being a Sumo Wrestler.
As you all can see i am offically posted in Easton, Pa for the summer with some free time on my hands so me and reflection took to the backyard to fool around and be bored. i adont have all of our "action" shots just yet but they will be in my possession soon enough.
Anywho, i am currently jobless but not for long because even though i put in apps at some places, i need to put in more everywhere else. i am now at the point where i dont care what i do, as long as i am seeing green. (notice, i've only been out of school for TWO DAYS)
i dont mean grass.
so while i was bored today and after my sumo wrestling ventures PLUS my popz' infamous bbq chicken and potato salad, i plopped myself on the couch to watch tv for the rest of the night and ended up on "Bethenny Ever After".
If you dont watch her show, or been living under a rock, Bethenny Frankel got her own show via Real Housewives of New York on Bravo because she was basically the smartest and took no punches. plus she's real and tells it how it is. this woman  branded herself with the "Skinny Girl Margarita" which now is worth kabillions. She's a chef, written a book, sold liquor, and a television personality....this woman has basically taken over the world and i absolutely love it!!!!!
watching her business expand and doing what She wants to do is so inspiring to me. i guess i like her so much because she's just as sarcastic as i am as well
you really don't see that many sarcastic women cuttin checks while being "liked"
and she's married and had a baby girls not too long ago. so ladies and gentleman, being a mother and an executive is definitely doable. it's just a matter of having a great team to support you. 
I know i should probably have a "colored" woman on here as well but i dont know, i actually don't think there are many out there that everyone doesn't already know about. i guess what i am trying to say is its pretty limited. no doubt, i do have some i look to, but this is just what i came across on television that i felt was appropriate, today.
Plus she's realistic.......
not everyone can be a Beyonce, Halle Berry, or Michelle Obama.
so what i am about to do is monumental with epic proportions.....
i'll tell yous at a later date.
Luvin' C*
&every man that owns a motorcycle

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Melissa said...

Oh wow that is so crazy. I was catching on my "Bethenny Ever After" and was admiring her for her accomplishments as well. I thought wow she is really doing it for herself and I wonder if she has African-American supporters as well. If not I know I am for sure one of them! Good post. Wish I had some of Dads cooking.