August 14, 2011

Too Much

I've doing too much thinking and not enough doing lately.
I've posted some things i wanted to get done but it's been nothing more than a post....
my tattoo, the hair cut (which i did go to get cut but got a typical haircut b/c i coulnt fathom what the lady thought she was doing to my head), and recently i'm debating whether or not to get a new phone.
i'm only on my second blackberry and i love it but i feel like its time to move on. its still a blackberry world (in my eyes), and i'm just not ready to part with it
and as usual, i dont know what to do. i'm the type of person that volleyballs' back and forth with decisions that arent on my "too-too" important list....whats important=anything requiring me to spend more than $50 on, like education or a car or a laptop....little purchases like a phone i can do without because its not that important and That is why its still up in the air.....
whats also up in the air is exactly when ill be moving to my quarters in Jersey. This academic school year ill be posted in good ol' Maplewood which is way closer to Kean than where i was before. even though ill be staying with family, i dont want to stay there!!!!!
Why you ask??
ill tell you.
i feel like my aunt and uncle are gonna be watching my every move and report it back to my parentals.
when i was staying with my cousin, it was typical roommate behavior....clean your mess, make sure the iron is off, and lock the door before you leave.
No questions, no rules, no nothing. just do you.
But i have a feeling there will most def be rules because they have two kids under the age of 15 sooooooo i basically gotta be on my p's and q's (i have no clue what that means)
and once again, that got me to thinking.....i need to find a roommate. but i have to go on campus and look at bulletin boards and ish because there is no way in heck you'll find me on craigslist or something like that....because craig just might end up on My list if he know what good for him
oh boy, its Suday and its raining so i guess ill go read something
Luvin' C*
&waiting on my momz to come home so i can bother her. havent done it in a while so i know she'll appreciate it

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