September 6, 2011


As everyone probably already knows, Labor Day weekend is religion for me.
I take off work every year and i go "down the parkway" with my West Indian People in Brooklyn, NY
This year, not so much.....
This weekend started off horribly, i wasted my gas, and some of my money, and time.
And in all my frustration, I hit the indoor track hard, tried to get some studying innnnn in the basement (fail), and basically went back to Pa for the day just to recollect myself and sanity because everyone was just off the rail.
PLUSSSSSS it wasnt even sunny so i wasnt gonna waste my money going to new york with an overcast....
No Bob.
It takes that much for my mood change for an entire weekend.
Its sad but true AND the sun wasnt out to change my mind.
im super stubborn and this is evidence of it......Plus my reflection wasn't there

Luvin' C*
&not this headache i have

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