September 2, 2011

Let's Try This Again

I tried to do a "challenge" one time and it didnt work out because it wasn't interesting enough....
Then i found a ten-day i could probably finish via Shani and thought to myself, this is doable, so im gonna do it...
Day One
Something you want to say to 10 different people.
1. Dear momz, i love you even though you're're getting better
2. Hurricane, kid you my ace forever and always
3. Pop, i hope you never get old lol
4. Gee, stop being lazy and dont complain at every little thing...just do it
5. Imani, stop growing....i'm gonna be the smallest of all of us pretty soon
6. Darnell, you still have yet to come to Pa son dun
7. Sean Dockery, I will ask you to marry me when we cross paths
9. Ricky, i kinda miss you as odd as it sounds
10. God, you are my savior and life

Luvin' C*

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