October 29, 2011

Cole World

  J.Cole's video for "Lost Ones" from 2008.
You can def see the youth in him with this video
But i love this guy, even though he's not cute, he's smart as hell and i'll def give him that.
There's nothing sexier than a smart man.....
oh and smelling good doesnt hurt

Now back to regular scheduled programming.
So its Saturday and its SNOWING.
yesterday was soooooo sunny and clear, den i get to work, sit down and see flurries. if it sticks im not heading to PA because i may get stranded on Route 78 with no one (my pop) to help me.
you see, my parents left for a week-long cruise.
when it started snowing.
so they dont have to deal with all this b/s weather until they get back from sunny beaches and hot sand.....
Halloween Weekend and i havent been invited to any parties. but if i were, i would be Michelle Obama and Sh*t on these hoes.

okay, i think that's enough of my humor for right now. i should get back to all the homework i shouldve been done...

Luvin' C*

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