October 18, 2011

i am alive

i been away as usual.
school is consuming my life.
point blank period (dot) com
every week is pure anarchy and hectic.
Disconnect Friday's are back in FULL EFFECT.
Friday after 3:15PM, you are not going to find me, esp since i work all day saturday.....
and its crazy because i make list, on top of list, on top of list and i can never seem to get everything done. there literally isn't enough time in the day!!! i hardly even work out anymore and i dont cook because the stove at my place is deadly, so im stuck buying out for survival.
Oy Vey.
My brain is gonna explode.
and i have an exam tomorrow.......
Lord help me
Luvin' C*


Jennifer said...

good thing is your still in one piece lol but i hope all is well, life can be tuff with work & balancing everything else in b/w but keep it at girl hope you get one day to relax!


Jennifer said...
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