November 2, 2011

I'm doing a lot

I dont know why, but i'm posting a lot of videos.
oh well
i really do not have much going on but school and work along with all my extracurricular activities.
i finally made my b/s schedule for my final semester as an undergrad
imma be coastin' Spring 2012
BUT i havent turned in my grad app only because i dont have the money to pay for it. hopefully this week, ill get it in OR ask my parents to spot me when they get back from their cruise on Sunday
Boy oh Boy
my parents are something else. i already know they go on they little cruise every year for my popz bday and their anniversary, but they picked the best time to get outta dodge. Saturday, it snowed, and they was out.
i was stuck on campus working. then when 7pm came around and i had to drive home, i felt like i was never gonna get there....because the majority of lights were down and i needed to hit a u-turn to get home, i ended up driving 20 more minutes than i needed to actually get to my bed. so what usually takes about 25 minutes, took about an hour&15.
i hate snow and since its the middle of autumn, i was kinda livid. but i survived, i had power the entire time, and hooptie is still pushin.
and i know i havent posted anything about a guy in a long time so here it goes.
I wouldnt technically call this person my boo, but he's a gentleman towards me. i know he has chatted it up with other tender,young,thangs but from what we have going on, he doesn't talk to me like he does everyone else and i truly appreciate that because i will be quick to tell him about himself.....
he opens doors, holds umbrellas, walks me to my car, pays for everything, and took care of me when i wasnt feelin 100 on monday...and he is genuinely a nice dude.
i like nice dudes.
and it doesnt hurt that he's tall and handsome and in very good shape.
good shape.
Luvin' C*


Dee Trifecta said... two favorites: Dom Kennedy and Nipsey Hussle...

Carrymel said...

That guy you're talking about sounds like a sweetheart. It's nice to know that gentlemen are still out there and it's even better to hear that you've found one!