November 10, 2011

Oh Rudy

Rudy Ta-booty.
My hand hurts.
from writing all day.
i've been at the library for about 2 hours and im ready to leave.
this never happens, im usually in here for hours on end being productive and what not but right now, i dont feel like being here.
no bueno because i always have something to do.
maybe im just tired of looking at words for the week, writing, being glued to computer eyes need a break, sheesh my body needs a break.
once this semester is over, im gonna hibernate for about 2 weeks (as i do at the end of every semester), to recollect myself and get outta school mode.
I wish I were doing this right now,
straight chillin with no stressin about nothing.

Luvin' C

1 comment:

Tarah said...

lol!!!! Good luck with school. The semester is almost over. That pic describes my feelings while I was in school. LOL