December 17, 2011

Cali Sun

My Sisi graduated from East Stroudsburg University today :)
I am beyond proud of her and cannot wait to see what her future awaits.
i was looking at a blog my sisi put me up on.
i love her blog. seriously. she lives in california, and i am currently on the hunt for actually moving and going to san diego state university for graduate school and possibly my doctorate. i need a change of scenery. as much as i do love the east coast, i love warm weather and i need to be around it more often.....
This semester is just about over. my last final is at 6pm on monday and i am overjoyed. once i get some kind of rest, i will really be able to get back on my consistent workout schedule.
and since i visited this young lady's blog, i think i am going to go on a diet as well.
 a serious diet. 
no short cuts and shit.
because it doesnt make sense to workout and eat junk. it defeats the purpose and since this semester was entirely too hectic and out of my control when it came to what i ate, i am going to get on it.
for. word.
changes will be made.
and they are being made.
first it started with my hair,
now i am going to do research on foods i can and cannot eat because i'm allergic to things with skins,
revise my daily exercise routine because i've been doing the same thing for a long time (maybe try zumba and sign up for a kick boxing class or finally go wall climbing)
Changes are essential to be happy now.
and i've come to realize, if you're not afraid of the changes you are about to make, they are not big enough....
Luvin' C*

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