December 24, 2011

Holiday Cheer

its been a while since my last post which is odd because i haven't been doing anything....oh well damn that's the reason why i haven't posted anything. 
Literally all i been doing since my sister's graduation last Saturday was sleep, eat, and workout.
Today i woke up at one o'clock.
This is just what i wanted.
Pure hibernation since the end of the semester and i am loving it.
It is Christmas Eve and tomorrow is CHRISTMAS :)
We usually open presents at 12 on THEE dot and chill for the rest of the day, then hit up Jersey to go to my Uncle's house to chill with the family, then MORE SLEEP
But next week, it should be fun fun fun
Monday, i start back at my hell-of-a-job nursing home. then my sisi and i are volunteering for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. For three mornings, we are going down to NYC for the early morning shows to be those crazy fans that be, well, crazy. It should be fun, since we are morning people.
Then to cap off the year, we will be at Yankees Stadium in the Bronx to see Rutgers Football take down Iowa State.
And after all that fiasco, ill be at work on New Year's Day, getting time and a half!!!!!
Well i got all this week to rest and restore my body so next week, ill be back on the road.
It was fun while it lasted
I hope everyone's holiday season is as festive as mine
Luvin' C*

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