January 17, 2012

Golden Touch

i am listening to the beres hammond station on pandora. i think i listen to it after all my workouts (now that i realize it). I love working out. as of right now, im turning my routines up 200%
tomorrow i have winter training for work and after all the free food we will be getting, our department is competing in a flag football game under the lights against another department that has about half our staff....i dont know why they would pose a challenge like that, when they are going to lose.
antiwho, another semester is about to be well under way. it starts on friday, which is retarded but i dont mind it b/c i dont have class or work so ill be heading to PA for a doctors appt and get hooptie inspected. im just ready to start making some kind of money again and be busy. ill always be busy, as far as college because ill be here for a while....now, im not saying im a professional student (and i know some), but in my field, i have to get my doctorate soooooo yea.
 sheesh, at least i have a major and a plan....professional students dont.
ok thats my 2 cents for today.
Luvin' C*

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