January 21, 2012

The Snow

Is outside and I am in here.
My mom is so crazy.
I was supposed to go to Pa on thursday nite so i could get hooptie inspected friday morning. koo. but i didnt because i had to take care of some things on campus on friday....but she wasnt informed and basically called me at the crack of dawn to ask where i was....THEN i told her how its gonna snow and what not and she totally disregarded what i said by telling me "it'll be nothing"......SOOOOO she proceeded to lure me into coming back to PA because i have no work or class on fridays.....basically a three day weekend.....she said she was gonna "cook". 
But im just concerned for hooptie and i safety.
So Now.
Im here.
In PA.
because my mom said she would "cook"
BUT she's working ALL DAY!!!!!
Not cooking!!!!!
THEN she gave me money to put in the back but when i saw what was happening outside, i told her "DO YOU SEE THE ROADS OUTSIDE?????"
Once again, she said it wasnt that bad and the money was to pay for my school and she didnt want the check to bounce blah blah blah
So i proceeded to get hooptie ready and rode around hilly ass easton with no heat just to deposit money.
ANDDDD my pop was already out "in the street".....he couldve done it but she insisted he wouldve split up the money somehow and what not.....
im such a pushover with my mom.
This has got to stop.
Well im back in my bed.
writing this post.
def not looking to go back outside until i have to go back to jersey at some point before monday.
this is all my mom fault.
Luvin' C*
& i truly dislike snow.

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