March 13, 2012


Hey world
Over here on the east coast, its warming up a tad too fast and folk dont know how to act!!!! 
Booty shorts were out in full swing today.
at a nice 73 degrees.
But some folk had no business wearing shorts, or a shirt.
no business at all.
seriously, i was walking down the hall of the UC and this big girl who is known to wear booty shorts when her body is not presentable...brung out the coochie-cutters today. i appreciate the confidence the girl has an all, but at least try and tone it up....somehow, some way. Its never too late to hit the gym boo. plus she had cottage cheese and had the nerve to tell her girl, "it's so hot, i could def go for some ice cream right now"
I am a realist and i call it how i see it. I love when i can look at someone and say...
"damn, they look like they take care of themselves".
Now im not saying if you're big, you dont take care of yourself, not the case.
But some people, big/small/smedim/medium whatever, just dont take care of themselves and thats what erks me. 
I like to see people live a long time (seeing as how i worked in a nursing home for about six years), so i figure the way you "keep yourself up" def plays a role in that whole longevity situation.
Idk, maybe its just me.
Luvin' C*
&not my allergies.

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Tarah said...

LOL! Skin is all over Texas right now.