September 12, 2012

Let's Dance a Little Harder

Well i technically dont have anyone to dance with, but i'll dance with myself. I usually do that and rock it anyways
of course everyone knows what i've been up life seems textbook.
lol well not really but that's what my life consists of.
Whenever i dont get a run in, i feel so guilty and go extra hard the next day.
I love that feeling. i dont know why people dont workout/be active more.
Someone once asked if i was "training" for something. I simply said "Yes, I am training for life".
Being healthy and happy will help you live longer and be happier. 
Whenever someone talks shit to me or tries to get me heated, i just say "i bet i can run a faster mile than you can".....
you really cant tell me anything
im horrible but in the best way possible.
As of right now, i'm tryna log 100 miles this month. I started on August 24 and I end September 24 of course. I started out at 2.5 miles a day but put the ante on myself and bumped it up to 5. Hopefully i'll be able to keep moving up my distance so i can get to that 100 sooner than expected.

People Go Be Active.
That's All I Ask.
You'll Feel Agazzillion times better.


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