January 26, 2009


So im here sitting in my technical writing class writing this blog. 'why is she writing/typing/blogging during class?' u might ask....well here goes---im bored dammit!!!!!!!!! talking about how to write a resume and whatnot. i learned this in high school. is this what i am bout a significant amount of money in tuition for???? if anything tuition should go down w/ all this relearning mess....anyways, i will be getting an 'A' in this class despite my "distractions". speaking of distractions.....
I absolutely love music, as does any human being (i suppose). but there comes a time in the day of when and where to bump your music. why would u bump at 6 in the AM when folk (like myself) are hitting the snooze buttons on their alarms???? and the damned library-----a quiet sanctuary to TRY and get some work done in a timely matter w/o any distractions...PSYCH....why was i sitting at a computer in the library at stinkin 730AM, listening to every drum,every word, hell every single heart beat of whateva artist ur listening tooooo???!!!! this doesnt make a lick a sense to me.

All in all, ppl have some courtesy (if u know what that means), and plz plz plz turn the lites down low and lower ur damn music before someone on my team (TEAM CHAPPY, come join on nike.com-by the way) uses their force on u and totally eliminates your IPOD, cell phone, IPHONE, mp3, whatevea man, JUST TONE IT DWN;)

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