January 28, 2009


A young man who shall remain nameless has decided to stop talking to me b/c i never pick up my phone when he calls....excuse me, i happen to be a very active young lady, so if i dnt answer my 'tele' its not b/c im ignoring you.get that str8. ol'boy just happens to call at the wrong time, everytime. when im at work, in class, driving in jersey-god forbid i even look like i talking to some1 on the phone in jersey-, hell he calls at frickin 2 in the AM which clearly equals zzzzz time for any fulltime college student w/ a parttime job dealing w/ this miserable east coast weather.......so i actually pick up the phone to c if this kat changed his mind about me. turns out he didnt. he doesnt even wanna be my frickin friend!!!! "i need a lady that has time for her man" he says....Well HotDamn, its like that???!!!! yep ppl it was just like that. dude im 19 years old and im not really tryna be that stalker girfriend that dnt know how to act cuz thats def not my steelo> but it does suck when i finally do get a chance to call this kat, he wants to be str8 disrespectful and uptight bout everything*****LUCKY I EVEN CALLED UR ASS****** n e who..

the weather's lookin to get better. no snow for the next couple of days:)


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