February 4, 2009

Imma Send U My Love via UPS

alright so i was sitting in my too damn comfortable of a bed and started thinking about what this month will bring for the kid.....my godsisters birthday 2DAY:) 20 y.o. w/ her old arse;)/ tests and quizzes beyond recognition at school/increasing gas prices/work at this dumb place of a job/ and oh yes, in infamous valentine's day-which by the way shouldnt even be a damn holiday. ladies, its the only day in the year where u expect your man to be all types of sweet and lovely dovey for ya. HHAAA.i would like my mans to be like that year round plz not cuz the calendar says so....OVERRATED. WAIT,this is not what my post is supposed to be about.......OKAY writing letters.
i would like to write someone a letter but no one seems to have a legitimate address (except for prisonners) for me to write to. everyones either on myspace or facebook or whatever community website looking at whats going on here, who doing what and who where, and so forth. the downside of all this is its not personal enuff for me. seeing someones handwriting says alot about them and not seeing it (hardly ever anymore) errks the mess out of me. it comes to the point where i cnt even recognize letters ppl write or all of a sudden everyone n dey momz got the best penmenship(even u kats that write in chicken scratch or jubberish). its not write......

u know what, imma write someone a letter i dnt know who but imma write one cuz i want you to feel my emotions thru the page. show my graffiti style writing and my own damn smiley faces dammit!!!!! typing a letter is like reading a book and obviously ppl dnt even do that anymore so when u do get my letter, know that its writtin w/ the most 'love and affection' (pressure) a person could write, some grammar errors, alot of thought, me probably thinking about food and/or any flavored soda, and sports (of course-thoughts arent complete w/o sports!!!!)

SO a letter from me will be hitting your mailbox PRETTY SOON, thats if i got ur address, if not----dnt know what ta tell ya,text it to me so u could write u the loverlyest* letter in the whole world:)

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