February 3, 2009

Tough Love is the Best Love

Let's begin shall we???
Im at the mall getting lunch-subway-and the mother walks in with child. kid is cute,seems to be wellbehaved, and downright terrified of the momz. thats waht i thought until she placed her order and asked the little girl what she wanted. then somehow in the span of literally 2.3 seconds this kid lost her mind. "MOM, dont ask me when im ready, ill let YOU know when im ready!!!"this kid is about 5 or 6 years old. what did the momz do????? NOTHING. 'Okay honey'. in the words of Mya from Girlfriends OH HELL NO!!!!! Now i dnt know about yall but my momz prolly wouldve ordered my shyt without asking!!!!! There is no way in any world would i be talking to anybody's momz like that let alone my own. (White folk by the way----OHHHHH). i wouldve been yoked up like $20.00 that just fell out of someones back pocket so fast i wouldnt have known what happened. but u know what, this 'disrespectful kid' phenom is spreading rather quickly. HOW IS IT THAT AN ENTIRE GENERATION OF KIDS GO HAYWIRE ON THEIR ELDERS???? dnt make no sense at all. ungreatful mawfrickas that dnt know how to act. they need to get beat. forget all that abuse bullsugar. i got beat and look how i turned out. i learned my lesson once and i never wanted to learn it ever again. but parents nowadays (who end up being 16 years old and they momz prolly 29) dnt know how to act they damn selves. they need to be beat too!!!!! alright i think ive said enough.

Now i do beautiful homework and listen to symetry beats from trackfiends.net!!!!!

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