March 18, 2009


Thats from calvin&hobbs.chappy got me on them. dey some funny kats:) so it seem that every guy i meet name is Mark. Thats some weird shyt. This guy im talkin to, his name is Mark. I was at a stop light 2day, windows dwn,bumpin a little bit cuz it was beyond beautiful outside and i was searchin for the quickest way to food(of course) {OKAY} @ the stoplight, motorcycle pulls up behind me. if u know me, ill wave at anyone on a bike ANYONE. so he rolls up beside me, and we're having a full blown convo. And yes his name ended up being Mark. I met this kat from my history class at the library 2day (mind you, im on spring break) and his name is Mark. maybe im destined to be with someone named Mark. Who knew there were so many ppl named Mark to begin with. Ive only known 2 Marks since fourth grade and now there seems to be an explosion of Marks in the universe, i dunno.

Eggs and ketchup with AZ iced tea and strwbry yogurt. That was my dinner. Got the brackets tightened:(;( so now my mouth is throbbing w/ hunger. i have to eat anything soft but i REFUSE to puree any of my food. ID RATHER STARVE. so my girl says that eggs and ketchup is disgusting. i dnt give a two sugars what one thinks b/c its all gonna go dwn to ur tummy and get mixed up anyways. SIDENOTE* i hate ppl who MUST have their foods separated. get for frickin reel.yall dnt make not a lick of sense* Food and I are best friends but its so hard to eat when ur teeth feel like dey about to fall out. At least i can not eat junk food everyday (well almost until we go grocery shopping). now im stuck on eggs,oatmeal (w/ no bananas), and shagetti o's, yogurt and water.....

Motorcycle season is upon us kids. and its beautiful. i absolutely love spring/summer (w/ the exception of my horrible allergies which will make my vision worser than it already is). SO that means imma be draggin Chappy everywhere!!!!YAY ME,CCCCC. str8 whippin' no matter how much gas is (((((I TAKE THAT WAY BACK))))) Gas prices have a mind of they own now a days....

Juaquin da nephew up top:)

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