March 20, 2009

What Im hearing

Speaking with my sister last nite and she told me not to go to Walmart(my fav store). Im thinking, why the heck not????? Cuz our girl Tina's sister said that there's gonna bbe some gang initiation where they gotta shoot four ppl.......

Gangs have to be THE dumbest thing Ive ever heard of. Dnt ppl got something better to do with their time???Obviously not because they run around the streets killing innocent people and by the time they realize what they doing is wrong, not just to the community, but to themsleves as well, the damage had been done (with the intent of more to come). Why dont they turn their negative typical gang culture into something positive? Its not that hard. Start something fresh. I hate when people say "being in a gang is cool, and fun". You are obviously outside of your mind cause that unk is not cool at all. And it sucks because kids are getting older and older by the second. Kats dont even look they age anymore. Kats are 11 or 12 years old looking older than me (And im 19 y.o.)!!!! there is something wrong with that. Kats just straight skipping childhood and moved straight to adolesence. Running around not know shit about shit but what they 'think' is cool.......GET REAL!!!!! And parents need to beat your kids. I can not emphasize this enough. Some kids NEED to be beat-Straight ^.

Alright its Friday and the sun is just now comming out:) enough of this sad stuff. Going outside to enjoy life:)


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