March 12, 2009

Damn internet

So my last frickin post aint get posted now im upset for more reasons than frickin one. myspace sux ass crack times frickin two. the kid cnt find a legit printer at home or at school (aint that something else-a damn school man). its still chilly room is beyond a hotmess and i think its gona stay like that until next wk when spring break ends. spring break=work and zzzz and gettin fat off of chips ahoy choc chip cookies and pure juice.

On a good note, i dunno where to start w/ that.i guess im just hapy to be alive and have some vanilla ice cream w/ popcorn.see some bikes time and time again.driving out of pennsylvania is pure frickin joy for me:)

OHHHDEARRRR i think my internet is about to fail me again.....GOSHHHHH


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