February 26, 2009


Yes i am slacking a little bit but its all for a great reason....Northampton Community College is kicking my ass:) love school.its the best thing in the world [otha den food and sports and muzik and zzzz and bikes and big cities and cell phones and chips ahoy cookies and I-95 and j's and old ppl sweaters and hair spray and OKAYYYYYYY]>>>>JERSEYGRL>>>>>

2009 NFL scouting combine is beautiful:) DB's and CB's and WR's!!!!!! good mens over there.LOVE IT...and Mr. Prime Time is getting old with his feminine sweater and hideous (leopard or cheeta, but not zebra whatever animal print it was) hat. With his ever so smooth and loud voice. Its all good Prime Time, Ur still loved but some but not all.

Okay. 19/30. sounf like my vision (JK, i dnt know how bad my vision is but i kow its getting worst/worse{???}) 19/30. if u can guess the meaning behind these two sig figs (mrs. vig chem) by the end of this, congratz, if not imma have to pray for you. i was recently in a trifle w/ a decision. (in the end it was a good one cuz her hair is still lookin fly--CT or skiing). now i love oldies, sports,food, and no drama/stress. I'S KEEPS ITS SIMPLE. good qualities right, ABSOLUTELY WRONG [GO DJ ABSOLUT]. Prime target for mens in dey silly ass "ill be your sugar daddy" bull shinanagans. This means you need to do a mike barber and fall the {F} back before i mase u!!! sure you could offer me the world but the way i see it, this world bout to be extinct (sike ppl grow some damn humor) so take down 100 noches buddy. yes i know ur a grown ass man (zububu_8th grade french) n u could prolly show me the world and everything in it w/ ur own car,own job, own home, no kids, but in the end ur heart will be broken cuz im not gonna be nor will i ever be the one for u. yea its all nice but im not gonna be ya babymomz cuz u couldnt get it poppin w/ the older ladies. Its flattering but not my steelo. in a way i kinda feel sry for you but at least im talkin to ya ass n didnt do a j.lo on ya ass. def not tryna be like some of these hoochies like on 'real housewives of whateva city....no thanx homie.

Our tax dollars are going to the police department in whateva city/town/neighborhood u in so they could ride around in Dodge frickin' Chargers w/ tinted windows and blk on blk rims. Ok we understand u tryna catch ppl like myself(kats w/ road rage so ill speed off the first chance i get around some slow ass mofo) with ur plain cars. no kats is watchin they back like the just stole crakk. def cnt whip in jersey cuz dey'll pull u ova when u doin 71 in a 65 MPH zone just to meet a frickined damned quota!!!!! GO STATE TROOPERS.... i love them cuz i actually know where they hide out and they joints are frickin marked---STATE FRICKIN TROOPER BITCH!!!! dnt mess w/ them cuz u mite get a ticket for obstruction of view!!!!

I think ive said enuff 2day.......i cnt get it all out esp. when im posed to be doin HW.

PEACE&LOVE kittykatz

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