April 23, 2009

If it isnt love, then I dnt know what is

With all the papers that i literally have coming out my rear end, i havent had time to get on here and write about my experiences since my last endeavor (fake j's little boy). Since last friday, i have ran in a 5k for class of 2012 at phillipsburg,hs n jersey (which is THE ultimate no-no b/c im from frickin easton---big rivalry--oh well,i got a tshirt), hopscotched worms the size of anacondas in the school parking lot, in the driveway, and on the road (i even made up a song to sing while walking to my car so the pain of searching for worms isnt as agonizing)...Been living in the library str8 after work till closing:(

didnt think i would have some adventure in the man-world this week seeing as how im hitting the books hard-end of semester is nearing-but apparently men never fail me so here goes nothing.......

My brother eats junk food like red kool-aid. eevry minute this kat is callin talkin 'bout "can u buy something on your way home?" GOOD GRIEF HOLMES!!!!!!! The money i spend on junk food for this dude per week is getting ridiculous {THATS NOT THE POINT OF THE STORY} Mcdonalds---Gee calls while im on my way to the library askin for food. i say ill think about it. i leave the library and make my way to mcdonalds and i get to the parking lot which is nearly empty with the exception of two cars and my benz cls...Now i was really bout to hit up the drive thru until i deasted my eyes on this lovely piece of machinery:) my ass parks right next to it and admires that new car smell....around easton, i only see 4 benz cls's, a black one, a white one, and two gray joints-all clean as i dunno what. all driven by some white person with the exception of one of the gray ones which features a young blk man. So i take my chances and go inside hoping to do a hi-u have a fly ass car-bye with the owner and be on my dandy way with my 3 double cheeseburgers and 6-piece nuggs (which happen to increased in pricing cuz joint was $6 and change!!!)

Im inside and it turns out the blk dude wanted some ronald mcdonald too. we're waiting to place our order and girlie from the back comes to the register askin if "we're ready to order?'"
FOLLOWING CONVO BTWN ME < cls="Derrick="610.984.I" color="#ff6600">HOODWINKLESTEINS>>>>>>Get a clue kidz....

C is out cuz i got 5% remaining on this battery.

*NOTE*there was some otha words said in convo that arent that inpportant (at least i dnt think so)

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