April 17, 2009

Where Are They??

First off let me start by saying today was a beautiful day....i even wore a little blk dress w/ my maroon old ppl sweater and blk flats w/ over-the-top gold earings:)Sry no pic-chap got the camera....

after my dreadful ethics class ended at five, the sun was still shining and the birds were still chirpping. I went home to find my momz looking bored messing with some plant to put in her dining room. i myself was just bored all together. *Mind you, i have a bunch of papers to write* So i decide to go buy a bedspread to encourage myself to actually get the cleaning process of my room started. So my journey with my momz in tow took me to Allentown:)Smiley face because there's always motorcycles in Allentown:) Took it to Marshall's. For some reason, no matter what Marshall's one goes to, there's an infinite amount of spanish people in the joint!!!! kids running around all types of willy nilly w/ no sense of how to act. [BLK MOM] 'if you knock somethin down, imma knock YOU down' in the "serious voice" but with that "white ppl" tone-thats how momz always got us, but hell we aint neva act up in no store soooooo. After getting something but not everything of what we were supposed to get, i was feignin for some Red Lobster biscuits. ........

Back on 22 headin up to Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall. Then i realized (in my Mya from 'Girlfriends' voice) "oh Hell Noooo,its friday so you know everybody and dey momz withdey daughters baby daddy gonna be all up and thru the mall actin like deres a fashion show goin on." Got my biscuits, headed to the mall. First store i always always hit up first is Champs, even though i know and the ppl who work there know that im not gonna buy anything. Okay,,,walking walking walking Footlocker,next stop......Now for some odd reason, there was these young kats just standing in front of Footlocker like they owned the joint. It was like Footlocker was a cornerstore and dey was holdin down they territory (R.I.P. Bodie)..i walk in, peep the kix then walk out cuz once again {C} is not buying anything that i dont need. Im walkin out being the fly person that i only know how to be, with my fly outfit and one of the thunderkats "protectin dey block" grabs my hand, literally tries to pull me up against him and whisper some bullshit in my ear!!!! HELLOOOOO my man, ur only about 16 years damned old!!!!!! this was his aim:

"excuse me miss, i couldnt help but notice how you are a woman amoungst girls in this place and I wanted to know if you would do me the honor of giving me your number"


he almost had me until i looked at his kix and spotted FAKE J'S!!!!!! How you gonna be standing in front of a legit shoe store like Footlocker with FAKE DAMN J'S...The boy was not only doin dishonor to MJ, but he did a disservice to himself and put himself out there for the ultimate "FallBack Excuse".

The "FallBack Excuse" will be used if:

-thunderkat got FAKE ANYTHING

-says something around the lines of ANY R&B Song EVERYONE would know

-doesnt have car keys

-rolls in a crew of ten deep at any given moment

-has absolutely no respect for women

-wears his fitted to the side

-swears up&down, left&right he IS THE SHIT(which you cnt be if u rockin fake j's)

-has longer hair than you(excluding dreads)

I cant think of anymore but let me know some more "FallBack Excuses".........

My response to the can i get your number and the twelve second conversation following:

"Excuse me sir, but please have some respect"

"baby girl, what respect got to do with anything"(still holding on to my wrist)

"Young Man, how you expect somebody to respect you when you rockin fake j's?"



then he went on to call me a Bougy Bitch..... Did i not just mention RESPECT to this little negro/spanish kats' ass DAMN KATS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LISTEN

******Diane being who she is turned around and smiled cuz you know what, I GOT REAL J's BABYBOY AND YOUR ASS STUCK ROCKIN SOME FLEA MARKET KNOCKOFFS!!!!!!He def need to stop hatin' cuz its not a good look on anybodys part. I went and took that mess to the bank...DEUCES ON HIS ASS AND HIS TOO SHORT CREW!!!!!! Dnt get me started.......

I bounced outta there like i was on top of the world, cuz hell, i was. *SIDENOTE: I need to go to church and stop saying 'hell'* he blew it for himself when he decided to purchase fake kix.........................................

thats all i got for 2day MAKE SURE U CHECK OUT DIVASPEAKTV on youtube and check for Cousin Sassy "



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