April 16, 2009

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This book <<<<< "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" written by the hilarious Steve Harvey was recommended to me by a friend who had only read five chapters in the book....Now this girl claims that she hardly ever reads books, so when she refers a good book, it must be good because she's actually reading it. Nonetheless, i went out and bought this book without even opening the inside flap to see what it could have been about. Whatever, i got home and read all the way to chapter seven on the first night, thats how good it was. he gave insight on how men think, what the want, their mechanics, and what women are doing wrong. yes, its true-what women are doing wrong, coming from a man....but i yotlaly dug it because it was new information that was getting processed into my brain as a discussion starter and later on into full blown arguments, but hey thats what life is about---sharing your knowledge and sharing is caring so im sharing this information of a good book that every woman, hell even men should read. Its not gonna kill anyone ( i hope)

At least when you go on a date, and someone asks if you've read any good books lately, you tell 'em about the fabulous Steve Harvey and BAMMMM----u got yourself some conversation....its THAT simple.Yes THAT SIMPLE:)

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