April 30, 2009


I do not know what to write about today. actually, i do but im not going to because its one of "those things" that shouldnt concern otha kats than the ones i truly trust and thats about three ppl including the kat that its dealing with. And imma leave it at that.

March of Dimes last Sunday was very successful. Hot as all fire walking five miles in scorching heat at only 10 in the AM (87 degrees). But i made it out alive b/c thats what i do, plus there was free food:)

Wrote all seven of my papers and i feel liberated but now im bored. stuck straight studying everything all the while not really getting any sleep for whatever reason...thinking about this summer and how exciting im gonna try and make it for myself.thinking about that 'guap:) and funnel cakes from the seafood festival at belmar where there is sure to be motorcycles at*

i have a snoopy planner:)

On my photography joint....with my digital camera.takin pics of any- and every- thing except for worms [EWWW]

JOEBUDDEN TV will get me cussin' again....but i will not budge.

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