June 2, 2009


So a couple of weeks ago i was saying how i can not wait for school to be over and what not and what not.....its summer now and i dont have anything to look foward to but work and hopefully, my birthday!!!!YAY!!! but back to the point, i need something else to do. Motorcycle riding and hunting is not looking good for me this season, and Im about to be addicted to online shopping any day now, i just have to buy one thing and ill be hooked on how easy it is (and the kid wont be wasting gas all willy nilly)!!!!!The internet is beautiful. and can also be THAT BEE* So what do i do for next semester, add another class to my already ridicluous schedule (not really ridiculous but whatever). i had tuesdays and thursdays off so why not add another class 'C?????? BRILLIANT!!!! So i did and now im up to 16 credits and imma be part time at work which will be great b/c ill be making my schedule for that stinkin' place as well.
Looking at my closet and i already need a remodel of that thing. i been added shelves and rearranging everything around to where i see fit, then i buy more clothes to fill in the empty spaces until i have absolutely no more closet space. Then things end up on the lounge chair in the corner of my room...notice my dresser where clothes is also already supposed to be is already filled with stuff....WHAT TO DO 'C?????Dilemma....i do a spring cleaning type thing every season where i change everything around,try and find new ways to fit all my mess into the space i have cleanly and it never seems to do any justice for my cause.

Alright new layout for my room in the works along with list of junk i dont need or should be in the basement in a storage bin somewhere so i can look back and say 'Oh i remember such and such'..... All in the works 2nite.......not sleepy for a change.


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