June 18, 2009


you know when someone calls your phone and you have absolutely no idea who it could be. after careful consideration of who this person could be-an annoying friend calling from another number or some guy your number got handed to via your annoying friend that you dont wanna talk to- you reluctantly pick up. You say hello about ten million times (not really) before realizing its nobody.....I did this and thought nothing of it and kept it moving.

This person calls again while im driving and so i pick up again like a dumbass. They say nothing, i hang up and call them back because its not a blocked number...But whaddoyaKnow...they dont pick up!!! I hate when kats play on ppls phone. Its already the rainiest june its been in a while and here go some youngthunderkat that dont know how to act because he/she is bored. So yall should know 'C by now. I go online and try to get down to this phone number fiasco. I look it up and think im getting somewhere until i have to pay for the information on a FREE SITE!!! I shouldve known, it was way too good to be true. So to all those kats that call ppls phones with nothing to say, go count sheep somewhere:)

BDAY on Sunday=Rain...YAY!!! i already got my gift from my reflection and i already gave her hers so its all gravy b/c no one else in our household never ever gets us gifts for our birthday to begin with....What can i say, its not like i dont expect it.
ANTIWHO i hope the sun shows its face soon for a long period of time..... so i could actually go to the beach already


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