June 14, 2009

Strong Island

Where do people go on saturdays???i cant say anything because we went to long island yesterday and traffic was the worst ive seen in a while.of course getting onto to GW bridge was the worst experience ever plus it was raining. but i wasnt driving because ive never been to long island before but i must say the younng mens there were beautiful* maybe i should go up there more often. antiwho.....bday next sunday---fathers day---

Sundays are so boring..well maybe because ive been handicapped for the last month.there is only so much one can do on the internet gosh darnit!!! Maybe ill look up the benz and motorcycle i plan on getting soon::)

Still on my vanilla ice cream,its the ultimate remedy:) When's it gonna get to be summer already??????


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$0.02 said...

ice cream i df in my top three food fetishes...and when i'm low on cash, $1 mcdonalds caramel sundae, deeeelish