June 7, 2009

You Can Not Be a 'C

ME on the hunt for bikes and jet skiis on the easton side........
CHAPPY!!!!----she doesnt like that name but i really dont care b/c we love each other and she cant do anything about it:)

Delaware River(when this baby floods all hell breaks loose*)

Bored during ethics class (SPR 09)

SOOOOOOOO........being a 'C can be crazy.What is a 'C you ask??? 'C is Me and not you so fall Back:) Beyond a beautiful day today. Seen Bikes like never before(well, in a freakishly long time) by the river.Actually got to drive my car:):):) Most people dont think about how doing the simplest thing makes them happy. Being able to take a walk whenever you want, driving your car/vehicle, ordering food,being able to speak, whatever....ppl dont realize how lucky they are until they dont have it or cant do it. Im the type of person who loves doing stuff for myself,i hate asking for help (pure stubborn) so being in the situation im in now, im even more greatful for everything i have and the people i surround myself with. i just wish others were as greatful for the life they have as i am. I hate complaining(only about the way ppl drive) so to hear someone complain about something that can be fixed DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!its that simple.
On to something else.....
Need to get my weight back up.ive lost an undisclosed amount of weight since this jaw surgery and i absolutely hate it.hopefully i can get back on my workout shindig and eating all 5 of my meals as i normally do soon enough.My cousin will read this part and ask (as she always does) "why do i workout?".....Why not?? I workout because it makes me feel good and im a nicer person when im in shape and not as snappy!!! also if im nicer, you'll be happier (i suppose) and we both win:) but seriously, why wouldnt you workout?a healthy you=a happy you and who wouldnt want to be happy?? other than the fact that ppl are lazy and have an excuse for everything.and on top of that, school districts are thinking about cutting recess and gym to focus more on standardized test mess!!!CRAZY!!!everyone knows if kids arent getting some kind of chance to run around at school, where are they gonna do it??sure as hell not at home thanks to computers,more video games(wii is a joke),and extra television shows that last forever.I remember when my momz had to literally drive around looking for us because we'd be outside all day running aroung playing some kind of game or straight making stuff up.not now.kats is layed up making babies at 13 years old or drinking in someones basement at 16...mess like that gets me angry.it seems like no one is winning. its a never ending circle of ignorance,kats not knowing how to think for themselves and actually make a real difference in this world other than being a stinkin' statistic.
There is,of course, more to my madness but im gonna save it for another day.....

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