June 11, 2009

'Dont nobody wanna see no catfish'

Why are brothers (your relatives) so frickin' annoying???? They dnt know when to quit.they just keep going and going. I know guys are simple and everything but you guys cant be THAT simple!!!!They cnt read ppl's minds so they ask stupid questions and dont think about anything(Hence the stupid questions).......No i dont wanna see some damn oversized catfish!!!!Im tryna watch yankees/red sox game....GOOD GRIEF!!!!
I dont know whats going on with this summer. The weather is crazy:(rain all the time.Not complaining, but it does equal more sleep for 'C:)
Philly 2mrw......I dont have anything.My popz keeps asking us why im not watching the lakers??I absolutely do not like the lakers, since forever and everyone who knows me knows this. The only thing i like about that team is the kobe and lebron puppet commercials and it has nothing to do with the lakers!!!!! speaking on tv..
I watched the movie "Hoodwinked" because we have over 100 channels and that was the only thing worth watching.It was actually pretty good.it turned out, the rabbit was the one stealing everyone's recipes!!!!!And my sister and i were actually tryna figure out whodunit!!!!!!he was crazy-lookin' alll along:*
I def need to be on the wheel of fortune. I always kill that game!!!!

Time for my daily dose of friendly's french vanilla ice cream at 10:32 in the PM

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