July 11, 2009

On Again

I absolutely love the beach. But its one of those places where one can sit and enjoy vanilla ice cream while looking at some of the fashions people insist on wearing even though someone probably told them how wrong it was....in turn their mistake set them up for me and my momz 'sarcasm'......we went to belmar hell bent on buying fish at the marina.get there but boats not in,so we roll down to ocean ave.get the banginest parking spot and head for the boardwalk. NOW there were some characters (as always) that day. But today was extra special.Im not gonna elaborate because the story is too long. Lets just say the womans front was a totally different color from her back (and we wasnt the only ones lookin back at her).
Everyone who has ever driven in jersey knows that on 95 you gotta pay the toll. yes this is known so why does lady from jersey who knows she must always have toll money present (unless you have e-z pass) not have any change in her whip????She pulls out the credit card to pay for a $1.00 TOLL!!!!! so we're sitting there waiting for lady to press the gas pedal already but the frickin' toll lady is being a BEE* and she just as slow.......Woman finally goes to pull off, after a wave of honking ensued, and doesnt pull off enough for us to even hand the lady the money so we could be on our merry way already....its not like she was counting change or anything..GOSH. So momz roll up to booth to give lady the money and she just snatches it out my momz hand!!!!!Wrong move holmes....Momz aint even stop to begin with and she pulled out with some 'choice words' in the air..pure hilariousness. And of course my momz driving in me is self-evident seeing as how she was dipping in and out of traffic THE entire way home (Belmar is two hours away from where we live...) MmmKay.
Some of my pix endeavors at the top;)ENJOY

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